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Apple Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Comes With Tons Of Health Benefits. It Improves Your Gut System by Adding Good Bacteria And Thus Improves Your Digestion. It Also Helps a Great in Weight Loss.

Carob Molasses

You Get Carob Molasses From Cooking The Fruit Of The Carob Pod With Water, Then Straining And Reducing It Down To A Crazy Delicious Syrup.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our 100% Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is The Natural Juice Of The Best Lebanese Olives, Harvested And Crushed At The Right Time And In The Appropriate Way, For This Reason It Retains All Its Properties, Both Organoleptic And Nutritional. From Our Secular Experience an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with A Balanced and Decisive Taste. 100% Lebanese, Cold Extracted and With a Very Low Degree Of Acidity.

Pomegranate Molasses

The Pomegranate Juice Is Boiled Down Through A Fine Process To A Thick, Sweet Edged Savory Concentrate With A Subtle Sour Flavor. The Prince Of Seasonings.

Verjuice Hosrom

Verjuice Is Extracted From Indigenous Lebanese Grapes With Highly Concentered Flavor. Add Few Drops To Your Dressings And Marinades For A Wonderful Sour Note.