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Apricot Syrup

Apricot fruit flavored syrup adds a flavorful touch of sweetness to your favorite foods.

Cherry Syrup

The Cherry Fruit Is Popular Raw, In Preserves, And In Pies. Cherry Cider, Liqueurs And Syrups Are Also Made. MONIN Cherry Is Available Year-Round To Impart Deep Summer Cherry Flavor To All Your Beverages.

Mulberry Syrup

Mulberry Is A Favorite Berry In Lebanon, Akin To Black Raspberry. This Gorgeous Syrup Is Sweet And Tart, Making It Excellent In Both Sweet And Savory Recipes. This Lebanese Syrup Is Also Wonderful In Cocktails, Vinaigrettes, Over Ice Cream And Pancakes, Or To Brighten Fruit Salad.

Orange Blossom Water

Orange Blossom Flowers Are Distilled Drop By Drop In Traditional Stills, With Simply No Additives Or Artificial Flavours. Perpetuating An Ancestral Method.

Pumpkin In Syrup

This Pumpkin In Syrup Jar Makes A Wonderful Dessert Or Topping For Cakes And Puddings. It Also Pairs Nicely With Cheese.

Rose Syrup

Elegant, Subtle, This Queen Of Flowers Is Unrivalled In Flavor, Notoriety. Rose Syrup, With A Rich Aromatic Flavor, Adds A Light, Floral Accent To Springtime Specialties, Romantic Cocktails.

Rose Water

Damask Roses Are Distilled Drop By Drop in Traditional Stills To Release Their Intense Natural Aroma With No Additional Blend. Pure And All Natural.